Fashion & Film Studios, Inc.’s mission is to build business, people, communities and hope throughout the U.S. and abroad.

Fashion & Film Studios, Inc., together with its affiliates and business partners, provide a wide-range of products and marketing/branding services for profit. 

 Company Overview

Fashion & Film Studios, Inc. (F&FSI) is a minority-controlled unique vertically integrated multi-solution company that offers a comprehensive list of services and products. F&FSI specializes in designing and producing apparel and non-apparel merchandise, consumer marketing, promotional marketing, as well as creative, writing, editing and production of commercials, videos, film and movies. From apparel design and web development to creative brand development and corporate and consumer marketing, F&FSI offers a complete package of products and services as a means to enhance and strengthen its clients’ and partners’ position in their respective commercial or consumer markets.


Company Objective

Fashion & Film Studios’ objective is to elevate its clients’ and partners’ position in the local, national, and global markets. F&FSI understands that every client and partner has a unique set of needs. F&FSI sees this as an opportunity to conceptualize, develop, and produce breakthrough campaigns, products, and sales tools that will increase market share and sales. The F&FSI team articulates ingenious concepts with far-reaching solutions in the face of stiff competition to elevate its clients’ and partners’ brand image and make it stand out against the competition. Every member of its team has a passion for what they do. This passion translates into a steadfast work ethic that each team member brings into every project. Whether a project is big, small, or just in between— F&FSI gives its all because they take pride in the work they do. F&FSI believes in providing its clients and partners with the solutions they need to accomplish the goals that they desire.

Company Values

Fashion & Film Studios (F&FSI) believe in and is committed to quality, service, and leadership. They take pride in the services that’s provided and in the products that they produce. They make sure that each project is idealized, developed, and executed in alignment with their clients’ and partners’ vision. F&FSI believes in the importance of establishing a synergistic relationship with its clients and partners so that it can help its clients stay true to their brand/product vision and provide them with the necessary information they need to increase their position as a business.

The company believes in the importance of building a better community. They strive to be an integral part of multi-cultural growth, hope, and prosperity in local communities and throughout North America and around the world.